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The Evolution of Healthcare Marketing Research

We’ve been hearing a drum beat for a while now.  The times are tough.  They’ve never been this tough.  It’s the patent cliff.  It’s lack of innovation.  It’s the Obama administration.  We’ve gone around the bend. What we do for…more

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The Whole Picture—if you don’t see it, you don’t see it

At Mindfrog, we have built our identity around the importance of the whole picture. We say it all the time.  We put it on our website.  We believe it in our core. We have been yelling about it about as…more

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Achieving Market Leadership in Oncology—not as easy as it looks

In theory, the recipe for a leading position in any oncology marketplace is straightforward. After all, cancer is one of the great scourges of the modern era, killing nearly 600,000 in the US alone in 2010. So, cure cancer, improve…more

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Why Healthcare Marketing Research Needs a New Kind of Consultant

Welcome to the FrogBlog’s inaugural edition.  In these posts, we’ll lay out our vision for a new kind of healthcare marketing research company—one built from the ground up for today’s world.  We are really excited about our new company, and…more

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